Top Exam Tips to prepare for the night before and Exam Day

Are you fed up of revision guides telling you to eat healthy food doze off and plan your revision plans? This is the time to change that. Bright Network skips all that Here are the top 8 tips that will help you be successful and help you get to the test ready to be successful.

Tips to help you prepare for the exam

1. Be smart about how you spend your time.

A few minutes prior turn off the lights is an ideal time for remembrance. Learning before sleep significantly improves memory retention. When you’re lying in bed it’s a good idea to take a quick look through of the most essential concepts, equations, or vocabulary. And then, turn off.

2. Get a fantastic meal

It is important to prepare a healthy food. It’s not a recommendation for «brain food» such as nuts or oily fish or a dish you’d have if you were celebrating and wanted to spoil yourself by having a steak dinner and chocolate tart. It’ll make you feel happy and boost your energy to get you ready for the day ahead.

3. Then Laugh

Enjoy a few things like watching a comedy and having a jolly time or fiddling around with photos on Instagram. Laughing will relax you, lower stress and help you achieve a restful night’s sleep.

4. Get up early

Make an alarm. Set two alarms. You can ask a family member an acquaintance to take a look even if you’re not sure. Just make sure you get to the exam early enough.

5. Be aware of when to stop

In the morning, have food that is healthy and go over your most important information before leaving the can find more here cheap essay help from Our Articles You can do the same on the way to the test. When you get to the exam room, you should stop thinking about the exam. If you’re unsure of your subject by now, you do not! All that last minute stressing minutes before, could put your brain in a spin.

6. Make use of the space

When you’re in the exam hall make sure you sit comfortably and spread your arms. There is evidence that shows that when people physically increase our size, either by spreading out our arms or leaning back in the chair, we release an hormone that makes you more confident. We guarantee it works.

7. Don’t drink too much

Don’t drink too much water taking a sip each hour is all you require. It is unlikely that dehydration will become a problem on the exam, but drinking numerous cups of water and needing regular bathroom breaks in every five minutes. Drinking water is only an opportunity to refresh your hands and brain an opportunity to breathe.

8. Do what you can to help you.

And, of course, everyone is different. Some students prefer to be by themselves during tests, while other students blast motivational music through their earphones. Perhaps you’re someone who loves to wear the shiniest pair of high heels for chances to win. Whatever you do to get yourself in the right frame of mind and you’ll be positioned perfectly to ace the exam.

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